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Axel and John...

...are the hosts of The Dubious Bakery podcast show. Join them as they share their topics and thoughts about; the future, zombies, robots, aliens, current events, space, book learnin', dumb criminals, sci-fi,  trek, LHC, comedy, hemp, airsofting, doomsday, boobies, technology, world domination, the batline, and much much more. Smoke em if you got em.

Leave a message for the show at: 1-872-BAT-LINE


Available on iTunes

The Bakery is available on iTunes! Search for The Dubious Bakery! Be sure to subscribe or else.


1st Fan Song

If you have not heard the bakery's first fan song than you are out of your mind! It was provided by Lewis from the UK and is amazing and ready for you to download right here! Download Fan Song


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Find the Dubious Bakers on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter by simply searching for the Dubious Bakers. Its just that easy!