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A Brief History

Hi Stranger. Don’t worry, your safe now.  You’ve made it to the Dubious Bakery. A haven in the wasteland.  An oasis in the desert.  The water fountain that looks like shit, but damn it's actually cold and not bad.  A location that attracts an eclectic crowd.  John and Axel, the DB's cashiers, baked for years, visiting the bakery, and passed the time talking to other patrons.  They later reopened it after the previous owner's insurance explosion, to the praise of all red eyed patrons.  The Dubious Bakery isn't just a place you get cinnamon rolls.  You eat your roll there, smoke a Jay, give your 2 cents in the bakery conversation and generally take the time to step back, reflecting on your day and life, perhaps have an insight or two.  Welcome to their peculiar part of Universe known as the Dubious Bakery.  Drink some water.